Out of the Mainstream

For almost twenty years, Nevada has been the fastest growing state in
the US in terms of population. But this year, that prize goes to
Arizona - most likely thanks to continued migration to Sunbelt states,
ongoing immigration from Mexico, and a surprising number of young
professionals holding down jobs at companies like Motorola and Qwest.

But I'd have to think some of it is caused by our love affair with
golf. Whether on the upswing of one's career or after the end of it,
you go to Arizona for good golf. And given that I've never played
even nine holes of golf, as much as I'm sure I'd enjoy it, I'm
wondering if I've gotten completely out of touch with Americana.

After all, I also have never used an iPod, and I haven't gone to a
fast food joint or a movie theater in almost five years, during which
time I've also not bought a CD at a music store or a soda at a
restaurant. I've never been to Kansas, Nebraska, or Oklahoma, and I
don't watch Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, or Survivor. Good God, if
the federal government had a massive profiling database, would I be
flagged as a possible terrorist?

I suppose there are enough things that I'm into that I could pass when
gathered around the water cooler or small-talking at a cocktail party.
And some of the stuff listed above I've been intentional about not
doing because I consider them a waste of time or money that I can
better spend elsewhere.

As a Christian, I think often of what it means to be in the world but
not of it, how much to engage in worldly things "that I may win some"
and how much to detach. I actually consider myself more secular than
many of my Christian friends. But I'm realizing I too am pretty
detached. Still, if you ever see me pull up in a SUV to a McDonald's
with shiny white ear buds sticking out of my ears, you have my
permission to just smack me.

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