NBA Predictions

Growing up, I basically followed five sports, more or less in this order: MLB, NFL, NBA, college hoop, and college football.  When I got to college, that number actually dropped to zero, and it stayed at zero until the 1999 MLB All-Star Game, when they brought Ted Williams onto the field and all the all-stars crowded around him like little boys.  That was the moment that my own boyhood love for baseball was rekindled, and I have followed pretty regularly since.  I picked up NFL and NBA, as well, and watched college hoop in March like everyone else.  But college football I haven't followed in quite some time, and even college hoop got the boot, even in March. 

Drifting away from NBA was the one that has surprised me the most.  There was a long period of time in my childhood that basketball was far and away my favorite sport to play and watch.  I even went to a bunch of 76ers games, and the NBA Finals I actually planned my schedule around.  So it was weird to realize recently that I have no love for the NBA.  But still it's fun to throw out some predictions and see how they pan out at the end of the year.  So here are mine for 2006-2007:

SW - 3 Mavs 4 Spurs 6 Rockets
NW - 1 Nuggets 8 T'Wolves
Pac - 2 Suns 5 Clippers 7 Lakers

Atl - 2 Nets
Cen - 1 Bulls 4 Cavs 5 Pacers 6 Pistons
SE - 3 Heat 7 Wizards 8 Magic

1st rd W - Nuggets, Lakers, Rockets, Spurs
1st rd E - Bulls, Nets, Pistons, Cavs
2nd rd - Spurs, Rockets, Bulls, Nets
Finals - Spurs over Bulls in 5
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