NFL Predictions

I haven't posted sports predictions for over a year, but I have to
admit it wasn't because I wasn't thinking about it, it was because I
didn't want to put myself out there and potentially look foolish. But
hey, even people who follow sports for a living and can research this
kind of stuff 40+ hours a week (or in other words, about 10 more hours
a week than I do) can look a fool. So what the hey.

AFC West 3 Denver, 6 San Diego
AFC North 4 Cincinnati
AFC South 1 Indianapolis
AFC East 2 New England, 5 Miami

NFC West 4 St. Louis
NFC North 3 Chicago
NFC South 1 Carolina, 6 New Orleans
NFC East 2 Philadelphia, 5 Dallas

Wild-card round: Denver, Miami, Chicago, Dallas
Divisional round: Indianapolis, New England, Carolina, Philadelphia
Conference championship: Indianapolis, Philadelphia
Super Bowl: Philadelphia, 27-21

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