Can't Live Without My Handheld

Last week, my handheld computer pooped out, after almost seven years
of service. I can't tell you how reliant I am on this little thing.
My life revolves around the calendar, contacts, to-do list, and notes
I dutifully record in my PDA. My wife jokes that the thing even tells
me when to pee. She's wrong; although it does tell me when to replace
my toothbrush, wash the car, and get a haircut, among other reminders.

It was probably good that I was without a PDA for a few days. It's
not good to be so tethered to something; it smacks of an idolatry and
dependence that isn't good for the soul. Of course, I ordered a new
one almost immediately and it arrived in the mail much sooner than I
had expected, so I'm back to having my security blanket.

(On a side note, am I the only person in America that still uses a PDA
that is just a PDA? Even though I have thousands of records, the
lowest-end PDA has more than enough memory space for me. It helps
that I don't use my handheld to make phone calls, listen to music, or
take pictures. I remember buying my first handheld when it was still
pretty cutting-edge to have one. Almost seven years later, the entire
industry has passed me by, and I'm more than content with the starter

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